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Send us a message and we'll get back to you in 24 hours.


Is it really free to start?

Yes, it's free for your first 15 reviews, no time limit. We want to show you results before you pay us.

What's in the paid plan?

Our pro plan allows you to handle unlimited new reviews through us. Please visit our pricing page.

Who or where should I share my link?

If you have a physical store, it's best to display your unique QR code at your checkout counter. You can also send your link via email or social to your customers.Here's an example QR wooden board we printed for our customers.

Can past reviewers claim the reward?

No, because that would incur a lot of cost for you. So only new reviewers from the date you use Rvius will be eligible.

Can a reviewer claim multiple time?

No. Our app keeps a record of those who have redeemed.

How do I help customers claim their reward

In your account page, click on the business you want. Then you'll see a text field to type the code to redeem. Our app will check if the code is valid for you.